As a young lad I enjoyed many an evening surrounded by old sailors heaving their balls down a long, dark alley hoping to reach the elusive prize at the end. I am of course talking about the ancient pub game of skittles ( ). I regularly played it with my dad and his old navy mates at a club in town and became pretty good at it after a while! Anyways, enough nostalgia. I looked up alleys in London and it seems there are only two! Which is a shame seeing as it was such a popular game, once played all over London. 

I’m sure you can see where I’m getting at, #TheHandandRacquet skittles club. Situated in the basement of the pub with a range of different teams all vying to be crowned ‘World’ champion! I think it would be nice! 

A x

So this is what my pub would be like if I ever had one.Aesthetically and musically I will describe how it would be. And if I wish 'ard enough it might actually become a reality.

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